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                  What is Shotokan Karate:

Shotokan Karate: is one of the oldest and most popular styles of Karate. It was developed at the beginning of the last century by Master Gichin Funakoshi ( 1868-1957) from the island of Okinawa.

Training is usually divided into three sections: Kihon or “basics”, Kumite or “ sparring”, and Kata (forms or patterns of moves).

Shotokan techniques in kihon and kata are characterized by deep, long stances which provide stability, powerful movements and also help strengthen the legs. Funakoshi also put much emphasis on health, breathing, releasing energy, and outstanding mind and body control



Almeida's International Karate-do Association ( AIKA) School Owners with Kancho John Almeida

Sensei's Bill and Kathleen met in Karate and have been a Martial Arts team ever since.

                 Sensei Bill Mello:
Sensei Bill started his Martial Arts training in 1983. HIs achievements include: 4rd Degree Black Belt

( Sensei) - Shotokan Karate, 2nd Degree Black Belt- Kwanmukan Karate, 1st Degree Black Belt-Tae Kwon Do, Certified Shotokan Instructor,  Guinness World record breaker for most push-ups done on the back of hands in one minute.  

Sensei Bill has an MBA from Bentley College and is currently working in Process Improvement for CVS Health.

      Renshi Kathleen Mello :

Renshi started her Martial Arts training in 1989.  Her accomplishments include: 5th Degree Black belt -Shotokan Karate ( Renshi), 3rd degree Black belt  -Kwanmukan Karate (Sensei), 2nd degree Black belt– Aiki– Jitsu, Certified Shotokan Instructor, Class C Referee USAKF, Past Female National Champion and All– American, Past USAKF and AIKA Team member and Kumite Grand Champion, Past Female Black Belt Atlantic League Champion-Kumite,  radKIDS ® certified.

Renshi Kathleen earned her Bachelors of Science from University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT, her MBA from Nichol's college, Dudley, MA and earned her RBT ( Registered Behavior Technician ) certification in July 2018. In addition to their martial arts school,  she has the privilege of teaching Therapeutic Martial Arts at Summit Academy in Worcester, MA for students with High Functioning Autism and Asperger's and she is a Consultant Registered/ Licensed Dietitian.

Her most rewarding job is being a full time mom to her daughter, Maria-Rose.